How to Crochet C2C for Beginners

c2c crochet
Credit: crejatie

Crochet c2c is a technique usually known as a corner to corner. We start making tiles with the same stitches from one corner and gradually increase it. c2c crochet is very good to make blankets, scarves, etc. This is an easy stitch but it requires little bit of practice.

There are two types of c2c crochet. First one is normal c2c, we should use doulble crochet stitch. This type is looser and have big holes in it. Second type is mini c2c. It’s very similar to normal c2c but we use half double crochet stitch. As hdc is smaller then dc therefore mini c2c will be tight and will have less holes.

Corner to Corner Crochet (c2c) Pattern:

Increase in c2c

ROW 1: Make 6 chains, make 1 double crochet into the 4th chain from hook. Make 2 more double crochet in the next 2 chains.

ROW 2: make 6 chains. Make double crochet into the 4th chain from hook and 2 more double crochet in the next 2 chains. Slip stitch into the ch3 turning chain from the previous row. make 3 chains. Make 3 double crochet in ch3 turning chain. Make chain 6.

ROW 3 and beyond: Repeat row 2.

Decrease in c2c:

Instead of making 3 chains as you usually would, slip stitch in each double crochet. Slip stitch into ch3 turning chain. Make 3 chains. Make 3 double crochet in ch 3 turning chain of previous row.

Why this stitch:

So many people ask this question that why we should learn this stitch pattern.  Here I am explaining some reasons why I love this stitch.

This stitch provide unlimited possibilities of project selection. You could make almost each type of project with it. It is eaqually good for blankets,  wearables, home decors and others.

There is a cute rythem in this stitch which makes it easy to remember. As initial rows you would love to repeat this stitch because of it’s rhythem.

Easy color change makes it a big canvas.  And you could make unlimited desings, shapes and patterns in it.

It is a thick stitch and is best for warm blankets. All accessories are warm. The scarves and tops are best for cold weather as well.

The finish result really pays off all efforts. The final product looks really beautiful. And you would fall in love with this stitch pattern. 


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