Crochet Diamond Scarf FREE Pattern

crochet diamond scarf pattern. crochet scarf
crochet diamond scarf

Hello Crafter. The winter season is here and so far it is a favorite season for crocheters. We all love to crochet some best pieces to wear this season. I was thinking to share something special. Therefore, I bring you my own design of crochet diamond scarf. This scarf is very elegant and beginners friendly. Stitch is easy and can be used in many other projects. You should make this stitch to crochet the same headband (find the video on my channel).

I always try to bring a pattern, suitable for all skill levels. This crochet scarf pattern is a part of this effort. This pattern is trendy and easy. Crochet pattern for diamond scarf can be used as a traditional shawl by increasing length and width. I would love to hear your ideas about this scarf. Save it on Pinterest for later.


  • Yarn: Diva trio yarn | 95% acrylic| 100g-200m| Weight:
  • Hook Size: 3.0 mm
  • Ch: chain
  • Sp: space
  • St: stitch
  • Sl st: slip stitch
  • Tr: Treble crochet

This beautiful scarf consists of 6 stripes longitudinally joined together. Each stripe consists of 30 diamond shapes. The length approximates to 120cm.

Crochet diamond scarf pattern:

First Stripe:

Row 1: (Ch5, 1tr into 5th ch from the hook) x 59. (if you want to increase the number of diamonds, increase the pattern in () 2 more times for each added diamond)

Row 2: Ch3, 3dc, ch2, 4dc around the post of 1tr, {sl st around the post of next tr, (4dc, ch2, 4dc) around the post of next tr}. Repeat the pattern in {} 28 more times, ch2, working along the other side of the stripe to complete 2nd half off the diamond shape, (4dc, ch2, 4dc) into subsequent ch4 sp, repeat pattern in {} 29 more times while working into each of the next ch4 sp, ch2, sl st on top of starting ch3.

Second and subsequent stripes:

Row 1: Repeat pattern as mentioned in Row 1 made in the first stripe. (Ch5, 1tr into 5th ch from the hook) x 59.
Now lay down the stripe with the first stripe (or the stripe you wish to join it with) in a way that the diamond shapes of one stripe are aligned with the diamond shapes of the other stripe.

Row 2: ch2, 4dc into the ch4 sp, ch1, 1sl st into the ch2 sp of the side of the diamond shape (where it needs to be joined), ch1, 4dc into same ch4 sp, {sl st into next ch4 sp, 4dc into next ch4 sp, ch1, sl st into the ch2 sp of the next diamond shape of the other stripe, ch1, 4dc into the same ch4 sp}. Repeat the pattern in {} 28 more times, ch2, sl st on top of starting ch3.
Repeat the same process for 4 next stripes (or more if you wish to increase).
Fasten off and weave in all the ends.


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