Crochet Blankets & Crochet Afghan stitches

crochet stitches for blankets
crochet stitches for blankets

Winters is all about classy and elegant crochet blankets and afghans. The crochet blankets and afghans can be made in a variety of different styles. For instance, you can make traditional afghans by joining the granny squares or you can simply incorporate the waffle stitch in your favourite afghan. Choose your favourite style to make a baby blanket or afghan for yourself.

Crocheting blankets or afghan is exciting for many people but few simply just don’t like the idea of crocheting blankets themselves. However, crocheting a blanket that will provide you warmness and makes you feel good about yourself is something that everybody should do.

Additionally, it provides you with the choice of picking a wide range of colours and of course, the yarn you love the most.

Making crochet blankets is a fun process but do you know what it is and where it actually comes from? Let’s dig deeper into the history of these traditional and well-known Afghan blanket.

Where does Afghan and Crochet Blankets comes from?

The word Afghan is used for the people residing in Afghanistan. They are mostly Pashtuns. Afghanistan is famous across the globe for its distinguishing textile, colourful carpets and karakul wool. The word Afghan generally refer to the knitted or crocheted blankets. And so, Afghans belong to the culture of Pashtuns.

It was in the early 19th century when this word was mainstreamed in America in describing shawls and blankets which were made from multicoloured yarn.

An article published in 1946, stated that prudent women of early America would save fragments of yarn, unused colours and fibre tattered from old sweaters and socks.

When the yarn was amassed it was used for crocheting small squares which we all call granny squares. These squares were then sewn together to make crochet blankets, shawl or a lap cover.

Stitches Used in Crochet blankets:

Crochet is al about learning new stitches and pattern. And there are as many crochet stitches as one could possibly think of, if not more so.

There is a huge variety of crochet stitches that you can use while crochet blankets or Afghans to add a variety in our designs.

Not only in blankets, but the crochet stitches can also be used in making scarfs, hand warmers, frocks, pillows, you name it.

So, learning new crochet stitch can never be a wrong thing to do.

Let’s have a detailed look at crochets stitches that can be used in Afghan.

Shell Crochet Stitch:

Source: @sali.stitches

Shell crochet stitch is a beginner stitch and makes the product appealing and enticing. The thing that makes shell crochet stitch stand out is not only its lacy look. The shell crochet stitch suits a variety of yarns of different weights.

All you need is your favorite yarn color and a hook of any size. Same goes for the yarn weight.

This stitch has many variations such as the V-shell stitch.

How to do it?

  • Make a starting or foundation chain. The chain should be a multiple of eight plus two. For instance, crochet a chain of 26 stitches.
  • Make a Single crochet stitch in the 2nd chain stitch from the crochet hook.
  • make 9 double crochet in 4th chain, skip next 3 chains, make 1 single crochet in 5th chain.
  • These 9 double crochet stitches together create a single shell stitch.
  • Repeat this step and make 3 shell stitch in this row.
  • In the next row, make 3 chains and 1 double crochet in 1st stitch, make 2 chains, 1 single crochet in 5th shtitch, make 2 chains and “1 double crochet, 1 chain, 1 double crochet” in next single crochet. Repeat the procedure across the row.
  • In the next row, make 3 chains and 4 double crochet. make 1 single crochet in next stitch, make 9 double crochet in ch space. Repeat across the row.

You can follow the steps and make several shell stitches in a row. You can also swatch different colours in your project. For swapping different colours in each row, add an extra chain stitch in the foundation chain. For example, if you made a chain of 26 chain stitches add an extra stitch and make it of 27 stitches.

Offset fillet Net Stitch

Source: shellyraecrochet

Want to create a pretty lacy fabric with crochet? Try Offset fille Net stitch. This stitch is wholly made up of double crochet and chains.

Making this crochet is same just like the other stitches. You make a foundation chain but as it is already mentioned that this stitch entirely depends upon double crochet. So, you will make a double crochet and skip a stitch to create a foundation for the offset fillet net stitch.

Keep in mind that this crochet stitch is one-row repeat. You just have to repeat the last row you have created till the desired length of your project.

How to do it?

  • Make a starting chain of even number.
  • For the 2nd row, double crochet in 5th chain. Count it as double crochet plus ch 1. Ch1, skip chain 1, double crochet in next, repeat from the end of the row and finally turn.
  • For the 3rd row, chain (counts as 1 dc),*dc in ch 1 space, ch 1, skip 1 dc repeat until the end.

Repeat the 2nd row to a point when you get the desired length of your product.

Bobble Stitch


The bobble stitch is the most adorable stitch that gives a very bubbly and stylish look to our crochet blankets, sweaters or cushion. This stitch is the yarn eater but at the end its totally worth it. You can also knit this stitch.

Since, bobble stitch is made on the wrong side of the fabric, which gives it a puffy appearance. And for this very reason bobble crochet is also referred as puffy stitch.

Bobble stitch is all about pulling up a series of loops which are then pull through at once.

Before getting into crocheting bobble stitch, remember, you will have 7 single crochet between bobbles.

Before starting a new bobble stitch, Single crochet 5 rows.

How to do it?

  • Make a chain of multiple of 8 plus 6.
  • For row 2, skip 1st chain, make a single crochet in each stitch across the row.
  • For row 3, make a chain, make 2 single crochet in 2 chains, make a bobble stitch in next stitch, skip 7 stitches, make a bobble stitch in next stitch. Repeat across the row.
  • For row 4, make chain 1, 6 single crochet and 1 bobble stitch in next 7 stitches. Make 7 single crochet and 1 bobble stitch. Repeat across the row.
  • repeat row 3 and row 4 until desired length.

Floret Stitch

Source: @littlegemscraftshop

The floret stitch is very beautiful, unique and provides a nice texture without being complex. Also, it is super easy to make.

The floret stitch comprises of treble crochet and slip stitches.

The second stitch gives it a beautiful texture.

You can make shawls, scarfs, cushion and blankets with this stitch.

How to do it?

  • Make a foundation chain in multiples of 2. Add three more for turning.
  • For row 1, make a treble stitch in the 4th chain and along the foundation chain.
  • For row 2, chain 1, turn. Treble stitch into next stich, slip stitch in next stitch. Repeat and take it to the end.
  • For row 3, chain 3, turn. Treble crochet in next stitch and each stich along
  • Repeat 2nd and 3rd rows until you get a desired height for the project.

Sand Stitch

Sand stitch is a very nice textured stitch like other stitches it can also be used in crocheting afghans, hats, scarfs or gloves. It looks beautiful in rows of different colours. The colour in the upper row slops down in the row below.

The best way to showcase the texture and beauty of this stitch is to use different colors in each row.

The basic stitches used to makes this stitch are single crochet and chain stitch.

How to do it?

This pattern is for alternating colors in between rows. So, we will use 2 color. A base color from which we will make a chain and a second color.

  • Make a foundation of multiple of 2. Use the any basic color you want. By using the basic color single crochet in the chain 4from hook. This will be counted as 1st single crochet, chain 1.
  • Chain 1, skip next CH, 1 singe crochet in next Chain
  • Repeat from *, turn.
  • Change to the 2nd color.
  • For row 1. Chain 2 which will be counted as first single crochet. Skip first single crochet from the previous row.
  • Make 1 single crochet in the next chain 1 space from the previous row. Chain 1, skip next single crochet from previous row.
  • Repeat from* throughout
  • End it with 1 Single crochet in chain 1 space of turning chain, turn.
  • Again, switch to the base color. You can also add another color.
  • Repeat row 1 and continue switching between the basic and second colors.

Trinity stitch


Trinity stitch is very exciting to make. Why? Because it looks like a raspberry. You can use this stitch in making afghans, hats, gloves, bath mats or a trendy scarf.

It gives a bumpy texture to the fabric.

How to do it?

  • Make a foundation chain of multiple of 2 plus add 2 more chain stitches.
  • For 1st row. Make a single crochet in the 2nd chain from hook, Sc 3 together putting the hook first in the same ch as previous single crochet and then in each of the next 2 chain.
  • *1 ch, sc 3 tog implanting crochet hook initially into same chain as 3rd leg previous cluster, then into each of next 2 ch. Repeat from start till last chain. Make a single crochet in the same chain as 3rd leg of previous cluster. Turn.
  • For 2nd row. 1 chain, single crochet into 1 stitch, make 3 single crochet together inserting the crochet hook first into same place as previous single crochet and then into top of next cluster, then into next chain space,
  •  *1ch, 3 single crochet together injecting crochet hook into same chain space as 3rd leg of previous cluster, then into top of next cluster, then into next chain space. Repeat from * till end working 3rd leg or last cluster into last single crochet. Make a single crochet in the same place, skip chain,Turn.

Repeat the 2nd row until you get the desired length of your project.

Iris stitch

Source: @sweetpeablankies

The iris stitch is very beautiful stitch that looks more like fan or shell stitch. An interesting thing about this afghan crochet stitch is that it is very easy to make. If you love crocheting while watching television, this stitch is made for you.

You can made home accessories, blankets, scarfs, sweaters or anything you want.

The iris stitch is made from chain stitch, treble crochet. You can also use double crochet while making it.

In the following steps, we are making the iris stitch by using treble crochet.

How to do it?

  • Make a foundation chain from a multiple of 4 and make 4 chain stitches together.
  • Skip chain 3, make 2 double crochet, chain 1, 2 double crochet in next chain, skip next 3 chains. Repeat across the row.
  • Row 2: 3CH, skip first 2 double crochet, (2 dc,1CH,2 dc) in 1 chain space, skip next 4 double crochet stitches. Repeat across the row.
  • Repeat the 2nd row until you get your desired length.

Mesh stitch

Source: @lalo_crochet

Best choice for any crochet project, specially when you want to give your crochet project a lacy look. You can make blankets, throws, afghans, shawls or other home accessories with this stitch. Although it is not a warm texture stitch but it looks so pretty.

How to do it?

  • Make a foundation chain of your desired length and make 4 extra chain stitches.
  • Skip 4 chains and double crochet in the next chain This will be your 5th chain from the crochet hook.
  • Make chain 1
  • Skip chain 1 and double crochet in the next available chain.
  • Repeat the steps 3 and 4 until the end of the row.
  • Chain 4, Double Crochet in next Double Crochet, *Chain 1, Double Crochet in the next available Double Crochet. Repeat from * till the row end.
  • Repeat the above step until you get the desired length for your project.


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