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Here you can find a lot of Crochet Tips and techniques for beginners. Learn about yarn types, yarn weights, crochet hooks & more!

Crochet Tips For Beginners | The Right Hook Size

After deciding a crochet project yarn and hook selection is the second step to take. In this article, we are sharing some information about types of yarn and also most accurate hook sizes for different types of yarn. These crochet tips will help you to choose a suitable hook size. In the market, Yarns are available in different kinds...

Yarn Fibers: A Guide for Crocheters and Fiber Artists

To do crocheting, knitting, knotting, or weaving, the fiber artist first needs yarn.  That yarn can be made from any of a multitude of fibers.  Learn the characteristics of various fibers so you can better select yarn for the effect you want in any project. Animal Yarn Fibers The animal fibers include those spun from the wool or hair of animals,...

Gauge for Crocheters | Tips for Perfect Piece

New crocheters and knitters are often intimidated by gauge, the mysterious number expressed in stitches per inch or stitches per centimetre at the beginning of most crochet patterns.  Once understood, however, the gauge is the key to getting pleasing results: the item you wanted to crochet, in a size that matches the pattern.  Without this, you would have no...

Yarn Weights | Tips for Understanding

Matching yarn to a pattern can be complicated if you don’t understand how to read yarn weights on labels. What does it mean when your pattern calls for sport yarn or Aran weight yarn or 4-ply worsted?  Here is a guide. Types of Yarn: First, ignore information about plies unless it refers to a specific brand, such as “Brand XYZ 3-ply.” ...

Crochet Hook Selection | Crochet Tips for beginners

Crochet hook selection for any crochet project depends upon several factors:  yarn type, yarn weight and pattern gauge,  personal comfort, and special techniques.  Let’s look at each of these factors and help you make choices that contribute to a successful project. Here we share tips for exact crochet hook selection. Yarn Type To achieve a smooth flow of stitches in crochet,...

How to Crochet C2C for Beginners

c2c crochet
Crochet c2c is a technique usually known as a corner to corner. We start making tiles with the same stitches from one corner and gradually increase it. c2c crochet is very good to make blankets, scarves, etc. This is an easy stitch but it requires little bit of practice. There are two types of c2c crochet. First one is...

Crochet with Novelty Yarns | All we need to Know

As you gain skill in the art of crochet, you may want to branch out from standard knitting worsted and try to crochet with novelty yarns.  There are yarns that imitate fur, velvet, or terry cloth.  There are yarns with sequins or metallic threads or bumpy nubs.  Here are some tips for crochet with novelty yarns. Fuzzy Yarn Fuzzy yarns...