Crochet Tips For Beginners | The Right Hook Size

After deciding a crochet project yarn and hook selection is the second step to take. In this article, we are sharing some information about types of yarn and also most accurate hook sizes for different types of yarn. These crochet tips will help you to choose a suitable hook size. In the market, Yarns are available in different kinds of stuff and thickness. You can select them according to your project and weather conditions.

Crochet Hooks:

Crochet Hooks comes in many materials as well as in colors. They have numbers according to their diameter.

Steel hooks: with rubber handles are most convenient hooks. These handles are easy and comfortable to hold. Because steel hooks are slippery and not easy to break or get rough, I like these hooks most.

Plastic hooks: are also easy and beautiful. They also come with small built-in lights on tips so you can crochet in darkness. The hooks in big numbers are usually made of plastic. They are not only light weighted but also available in very beautiful colours.

Wooden hooks: are very elegant in looks, but they are easy to broke or gel damage. Their tips are not so smooth. If they got slight roughness they started to pull threads from yarn. I think wooden hooks the good to take photographs or for decorating your table.

Yarn and Hooks:

Now I am sharing types of yarns with their most common uses and best hook sizes.

Lace: lace size yarn has 2 or 3 plies (plural for ply). It is also known as fingering weight yarn or 10 count crochet thread. The best hook sizes fro this yarn are from 1.6 – 1.4 mm, these hooks are size 6, 7, 8.

Super fine: it is yarn has 4 plies. Fingering weight yarn, sock yarn, and baby yarn are also its name. 2.25 mm to 3.50 mm are most suitable hooks sizes for it.

Fine:  fine category yarn is 5 ply yarn. It is available as light weight, sport yarn or baby yarn. Best hook sizes for this yarn are 3.50 mm to 4.50 mm.

Light:  light yarn is a category with 8 plies. DK and light worsted are also its names. 4.50 mm to 5.50 mm are the best sizes for this yarn.

Medium:  Aran, worsted and afghan yarn fall in this category. There is 10 ply in this yarn. Best hook sizes are 5.50 mm to 6.50 mm.

Bulky:  The yarn in these categories are made of 12 plies. Chunky, craft and rug yarn are a member of this category. According to its thickness, 6.50 mm to 9 mm hooks are the most recommended sizes.

Super bulky:  super bulky yarn is made of 14 plies. It is also known as super chunky. Hooks from 9 mm to 15 mm are the best match for this category.

Jumbo:  so far it is the thickest yarn category. It has 15 or more than 15 plies in it. Jumbo and roving are part of the same categories. Hooks sizes from 15mm+ are used for this category.  


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